It’s been a while……

Im back…..sadly not from an exotic holiday.  It has been around 10 weeks since my last blog post and things have been and continue to be rather difficult and I guess the often mundane realities of chronic illness took over.

I have consciously taken myself back to why I started my blog in the first place and the truth is, it was for a number of reasons.  Before I got too sick to work my career was all about helping young people and adults in a variety of capacities and settings. It was/is something I am extremely passionate about and I have found since being unable to work a huge void in my life where this used to be.  I felt my blog could fill that void to a certain extent and help others living with chronic illness, help their family and friends, support, educate and above all for the readers to know that they are not alone as more often than not it can feel that way. I also started my blog as I find it extremely cathartic, I am not the best at talking face to face about my illnesses at times, I often get uncomfortable and question if I am boring the person I am talking too but the truth is this is my reality and the reality of many people around the world living with multiple chronic illness’s and quite often alongside that runs deep emotional turmoil.  Being able to write down my thoughts, feelings and updates on my health has helped me not only to educate others on invisible illness its helped me personally to feel that bit less heavy in my heart about my life over recent years.

I have spent the last few weeks thinking if I could keep up with blogging as my vision is not great, yes Ive already been to specsavers!!  The current theory the eye doctors are running with is a delay between my brain communicating with my eyes (The jury is still out for me on this one) regardless it is causing me to have blurred vision, loss of focus particularly looking at computers or from one object to another.  Then we add in frequent migraines with the delightful flashing zig zags, chevrons and vision loss and quite frankly is is a psychedelic HELL. My mind then wondered to vlogging on youtube, I follow some amazing chronic illness vloggers and I wondered if I would find this less taxing on my eyes even going as far as creating my own channel however I am really sat on the fence whether vlogging is for me, I shall continue to ponder that one. I could however run it alongside my blog and upload the odd interactive video. Who knows …. So for now I have basically gone full circle and thought if I could perhaps do shorter blog posts and aim for one a week including updates on my own health that week, a bit diary-esque and venture into reviewing some of my medical appliances and aids for people and then for longer blogs perhaps chip away throughout the week slowly and aim to publish at the end of the week.  I have tried dictating to others for them to type and also using dragon software to no avail so this is the plan and we all need a plan hey.

A lot has happened in the last 10 weeks so I will start this week updating on recent events for fluidity and aim to be all caught up and good to go again soon.

I hope if you are reading this post you are as well as you can be today and I thank you for taking the time to read.

Much Love

Ali xxx

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while……

  1. Lauren says:

    Hi Ali, this was such a lovely and welcome drop into my inbox today. So sorry to hear the last few weeks have been so rough. I hope the writing helps release some frustration and the interaction it brings brightens your day a little. I think you’d be amazing with a Vlog to run alongside this page, all the videos you have done via Facebook have been brilliant. You are always in our thoughts, sending lots of love xxx

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    • zebralife9 says:

      Hi Lauren, lovely of you to comment. Thank you so much. I’m thinking of perhaps keeping the written blog as my main source of communication and perhaps incorporate the odd video where relevant. I hope you’re okay xxx


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